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When someone coughs and lets out a fart either accidentally or strategically at the same time.

When someone serendipitously farts while coughing and the cough masks the sound of the fart.

When someone coughs to hide a fart with devious intent.
As I was laying in bed I coughed and farted at the same time, then I asked my boyfriend what he'd just heard. He said "I just heard you cough." I smiled and told him to take a deep breath and that I just laid a cough fart.
by SweetpeainSF December 02, 2010
When someone sees someone else's incredibly cute dog and uses any combination of the following noises or utterances such as; ohh, awwwww, ahh and higher pitched ohhhh. This is usually followed by an exlmation of "Oh how cute!" "Can I hold you?" "I want one," and "I love you!"
A girl walks by a cute puppy dog in a car window and says "Awwwwww, Ohhhh, He's so cute! She goes on and on and then shudders a little, thus having a dogasm.
by SweetpeainSF January 22, 2010
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