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(koo ger itiss ) A term that describes a person with an infatuation with attractive older women, MILF or cougar resulting in a constant need or need or desire to be sexual around them.
I think Tom is suffering from cougaritis,he is always after the older Milf rather than the young hotties.
by IrisKay March 22, 2008
A condition commonly resulting from or having contact with a cougar. Said contact is usually brief yet highly contagious. Symptoms of cougaritis include but are not limited to smelling like a box of wine, that guilty feeling, moral pains including thoughts of matricide, cougar-tooth, rusted bullet-hole, bad breath, severe headache, the taste for Schlitz in a can, and death.
After getting mauled by that cougar last night, Jim had a wicked case of cougaritis well into the middle of the work week.
by Hank Savage February 26, 2007
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