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The correct term "Coug'd it" predates 1980.
A self proclaimed ironic aberration of the reversal of good fortune attributed to the Washington State University football team. Whereby, a sudden or unexpected mistake causes the team to lose at the end of a game akin to "snatching defeat from the jaws of victory." However, the divergence of an apparent victory only temporarily crushes the euphoria felt by Coug fans until the subsequent irony is realized and the loss accepted i.e. Coug fans should have expected it.
Fuskies often stake false claim to the term. Fuskies suck balls... because they are unable to make their paws into the form of a little fist.
Chad: "OMG! That redzone pick-6 with a minute to go cost us the game!"
Chelsea: "I'm so devastated. I don't feel like blowing losers after that game."
Gaylord: "Oh, Chelsa, you're such a little tart. So they Coug'd it, who cares? Accept and get over it, girl friend."
Chad: "Yeah, Chelsea, you can suck on this."
Chelsea: "Oh, Chad, now you're Cougin' it".
Chad: "Ha ha, wait...what?"
Gaylord: "Chad, I would never let you Coug it with me."
Chad: "Ha ha, wait...what?"
Gaylord: "There there, Chad. Now let's just let it they do in prison."
Chad: "Ha, ha, wait....what?" 'glurp slurp glob'.
by Dr. Maximus Loade October 13, 2013

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