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Weed that falls into the couch, either in a bag or not, and is found sometime after it feel into the couch.
Dude! I found some couch weed!
by smashedwindshield January 24, 2010
Weed that is searched for in a desperate attempt to get high, found in places that weed is frequented. These places include carpets, dressers, and couches. Couchweed may contain various kinds of ( probably old) weed, pocket lint, pizza crust, maybe toenail clippings.
person1: yo, dont forget you owe me weed
person2: damn, im all out, let me look in my couch
person1: hell no son, i dont want your couchweed
person2:shit, ill just pick up a dub
by deyes November 22, 2009
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