one who defeats homelessness by relying upon a series of friends' couches. A friend or aquaintance who frequently crashes at your house. Can be due to inability to pay his own rent, frequent and/or persistent intoxication, or reluctance to return to his own dwelling. See A Brad
After Brad left and I had the upholstery professionally cleaned, I wasn't about to open the door to any more couch surfers.
by T March 15, 2005
Top Definition
*Couchius Surferius Maximus* Couch Surfer (n) 1. An adult who is homeless and finds various couches to sleep on & homes to survive in until they are put out. 2. One who can NOT lease rental property for various reasons & goes from couch to couch because their living situation is uncertain day to day. Informal: a broke ass nigga/bitch
Christopher Cool Cutta Edwards, the original couch surfer has no job, shitty credit & is a broke ass nigga who is forced to couch surf on women's couches.
by ThatBitch11 July 30, 2012
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