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Having a man or woman over to the house under the guise of a "Movie Night" or "Cook you dinner" scenario but the real 'Date' usually consists of commitment-free sex after consuming alcohol while 'Relaxing' on a couch. Often referenced by online daters as such when meeting a new person for the first time at ones home rather than public forum.
"Hey Brian, wannna hit the bar and watch the game after work?"

"Man, I wish I could but I got a couch date tonight"

"That new chick from POF that you started talking to yesterday?"

"Yea... That reminds me, I need to buy condoms and Bacardi"
by CulDeSacGroup November 11, 2011
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When you cuddle on the couch with your significant other watching TV or movies or something for several hours at a time (usually until you go to sleep, or move on to other activities).
Lynch: Dude, how did last night go with Jenny?
English: It was a pretty sweet couchdate, watched Dazed and Confused, Predators, and uh, about 30 minutes of Anchorman.
Lynch: What'd you do after Anchorman?

English: Hahahahahaha, you'll learn when you're older.
by Lynchings January 05, 2011

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