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One of the most epic and amazing things you can possibly do as a young child is make a couch fort. A typical couch fort consists mainly of blankets and cushions, but if you really want to get shit real, chairs can be used. Access to a couch fort is pretty much impossible if you didn't take part in it's construction, as the inhabitants will tend to defend it well. Sadly, couch forts have a relatively short life-span, because at some point a parent or older sibling will demand to know why the fuck the couches have been stripped of their cushions, and will proceed to swiftly destroy the couch fort and re-construct the living room.
John and Ted spent almost 2 hours building their 4-roomed couch fort, and enjoyed it for the best part of 10 minutes before their parents kicked it down.
by Eddoblah August 22, 2010
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