noun, the act of being to lazy while laying on the couch and deciding to take a peaceful shit in between the cushions.
Kevin come over here and look at this. Wow, somebody got us really bad by leaving that smelly green couch muffin in between our new leather couch. Wow what a crazy night.
by chefgotto January 26, 2011
The really ugly and/or fat girl that hangs out with the very attractive girls. The attractive girls will still say that the unattractive girl is "cute". The couch muffin will go EVERYWHERE with the attractive ones.
"Dude, the chick Charlotte tried to hook me up with is a total couch muffin!"
"Man that sucks! Why does Charlotte have such an unattractive friend, when all the others are amazingly attractive?"
by TheCleanSanchez July 17, 2012

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