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noun, the act of being to lazy while laying on the couch and deciding to take a peaceful shit in between the cushions.
Kevin come over here and look at this. Wow, somebody got us really bad by leaving that smelly green couch muffin in between our new leather couch. Wow what a crazy night.
by chefgotto January 26, 2011
a dooty sexual act, when a female human spreads here vagina just wide enough for a male to squat down and poop in her beaver. i.e. as to fill an ice cream cone with ice cream. and then to use that poop as lube to bang her with.
The local lube store was closed late one tuesday evening so I decided to drop the peaking panda in my girlfriend, and she said "What, get that shit out of my vagina Greg."
by chefgotto January 26, 2011

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