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Pats tense. see couchlock
Man we were couchlocked for hours after the smoke session.
by Skinny_ninja April 20, 2005
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Standard has been: "Super stoned and not wanting to move anywhere."

Actual is, super stoned, feeling the Connection, and don't want to break it. Those that Know, Know.
Observer: "Man, Steve is stoned and just couch locked."

Steve (Thinks): I love this Connection, there is absolutely nothing that is going to keep me away from it. I don't care what they think.

Observer: "Man, that is why I like the Mental stage, because getting the Connection is boring"

Steve (Thinks): Yep, most of you do. And you are missing the best part of the stone!

God Chimes In: Steve, just sitting in the Connection is not the Goal. The message must be delivered 'It is Me!'

Steve (Thinks) What? Goes down into Mental and starts playing the mind games.

God (Thinks) - Shit! This is going to be harder than I think.
by MattEtweg April 29, 2010
When sitting on the couch and not moving becomes your highest priority. Often the result of smoking some dank and sitting down anywhere.
Guy: "Hey dude, we're going on a beer run. You coming?"

Guy 2: "What? Oh, no man I don't even wanna move. This couch is comfy as fuck."

Guy 3 to Guy 1: "Yeah, he always gets couch locked. I told him not to sit down!"
by JOHNNNNNNNNYY July 10, 2008

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