A small, wooden structure located on the grounds of a mansion which stores women. They are given no rights and are forced to live there to work as slaves to the people of the mansion. Only a couple feet wide and a couple feet high, the tiny cottage stores up to 100 women at one time. At feeding time, they are given blended pig slops. At washing time, they are made clean with a fire hose. Clothes are not permitted inside, and they may not leave under any circumstances. Trying to escape or disobeying is punishable by automatic death.
All the girls were frightened to be put into the cottage, for they would live a life of slavery.
by FriedChikn July 01, 2010
Top Definition
(noun) A public lavatory, so named because it looks like a little cottage in a park. Term used by cruising queens.

(verb) To cottage - to hang about in a cottage, looking for trade.


Cottage Queen
Cottage Fodder
Sebastian met this totally gross old queen down the cottage and they had a good wank together.

He loved to go cottaging - you never know who you'll meet of an evening.

The cottage was heaving by midnight and the floor was swimming in spunk.
by Edna Sweetlove October 01, 2006
1.(n) A type of house. Usually found in picturesque locales, such as lakeshores, seashores, the Hamptons, so on. But that's not what you came here to hear about.

2.(n) A public restroom, such as the ones one might find in a public park. These are so named because of their house-like exterior. Use in this context is widely restricted to Europe.

3.(v) The act of anonymously meeting up with a member of the same sex at a public restroom ("cottage" - see above), with the intent of gettin' down n' dirty with them within.
1. Every rich person owns a cottage.

2. I must be getting to a cottage, or I'll soil my knickers!

3. Did you see that guy in the skinny jeans standing by the door of the bathroom? He is so cottaging.
by dont i know June 14, 2009
A small house near a body of water or in the forest which families go to during summer and holidays. They're usually only afforded by the upper and upper-middle class. It should be noticed that 'cottage' is the Canadian terminology. In the greater United States a cottage is referred to as a 'camp.'
"We're going to our camp this weekend?"

"What!?! You own an entire camp?"


"Oh, we call that a cottage, in Canada."
by DesPERRYado October 10, 2005
vt. "to cottage" - to engage in activities associated with a cottage
jamie loves to go cottaging
by Attilla the Hump June 13, 2003
Yet another word for bed. A place of "recreation" and rest. A longer version of the word (cot).
"My boyfriend and i dont plan on just sleeping in my cottage tonight".
"Fancy coming back to my cottage" .
by Bri-Jolie June 12, 2008
n. 1. A small, usually one story, house or vacation home. 2. Used informally to refer to one’s McMansion or pocket estate in the Hamptons.
We have a beach cottage in East Hampton.
by nucleus May 25, 2004
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