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1. Stew and dumplings on a cold day.

2. Tucked up in bed with your partner.

1. My my its cold outside, i need some cosy food.

2. I love being cosy with you Steven.
by miss carebear April 10, 2009
8 3
1. To be comfortable
2. To be soft or fluffy

British form of the word cozy
That bed looks nice and cosy.

This is a cosy jumper I have on.
by BuhBoyle March 14, 2006
36 10
An adjective used to describe something that is "cool" or, as used to be said "sick". Believed to have been first coined in the North of England.
I just watched the X Factor final, it was cosy!
by nicol3isacat November 09, 2013
1 0
An attractive and good looking individual.
Guy 1 "That girl is well cosy!"
Guy 2 "yeah she is hot"
by Lord darthwager July 05, 2010
2 4