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A sexual act involving peanut butter, and bird seed.
You pack your butt with a mixture of peanut butter and bird seed and then bend over and hold open your butt cheeks in a place where birds like to go. This allows birds to eat out your ass and feels really good.
Dude I went out to the park yesterday and got a great costco.
by William David February 25, 2008
A person usally of male desect that is such a large douche bag that he would only be sold at costco. You would most likely see this person around the chico, ca area with rather large sideburns and or a mohawk.
fucking costco over there, talkin to my girl.
by Travis LaFever August 19, 2006
a person who is like family but not blood related, someone who you are so close with you basically are family, a family friend.. it saves alot of time instead of having to explain that your not really realated but just very close
your moms best freind from high school you see every weekend is like your costco aunt or if you have someone you see alot around your age but your not that close they are your costco cousin you would say "this weekend im going to me my costco cousin" instead of "this weekend im going to visit this girl whos like my cousin but not really were just very close"
by NickiAsh December 03, 2006
A place for cheap people to buy unnecessarily large amounts of a certain item. Now a slang term for really big things.
Your mom is costco sized!
by GerardMyLove May 22, 2005
A warehouse where all the fobs shop. Merchandise are usually bulked in large amounts. There is an abundant amount of samples where you can note that a large percentage are not serious shoppers and just "sample".
"Hey, have you noticed that at least every aisle has at least one fob?"
"Really?...oh yea."
by Kevin Liang June 22, 2005
a huge ass store where all the cheap asians shop. oh and indians too. no one speaks english in costco - especially not the workers b/c the workers are even fobbier.. trying to get discounts on the already underpriced stuff wtf
"costco's a toilet bowl. it's filled with brown and yellow"
by Atlashapa April 09, 2008
Noun - A place where stingy people go and buy their stuff in bulk. Most people end up throwing most of the stuff away anyways. Costco is usually really expensive compared to other places such as Wal-Mart or e-Bay.
A 42" inch plasma is on sale at costco for $1,799! Wait a second, the same TV is going for $1,499 @ wal-mart!
by igetfreecable March 18, 2005