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A single word to describe the overwhelming awe one feels for the universe. When you are trying to comprehend the bigger picture.

Who can't be filled with a child-like sense of wonder about this place, and want to learn more and more about it every day?
Calling it "gods work" cheapens the universe. Part of what makes it so amazing is the processes that made it. For me, looking at the universe is like looking at a truly intricate carving and thinking about the sheer amount of work that went into it, the time, the thought everything. It's not just a pretty thing to be looked at, but to understand how this beautiful carving came about. A theist who just looks at the universe, who says God did it, just says "Oh, that looks so pretty!" with none of the depth. It blooming rankles me!
Sam : Man, I just saw those pictures from hubble, those nebulae are breathtaking. I am in complete awe.

Harris : You are such a cosmophile Ted!
by Azazel9 May 01, 2011
A single word to describe the overwhelming awe someone feels at the universe. Not just how pretty it is, but the incredibly complex processes that made it what it is today.

A love of the universe
Tim: Hey, you know what, the universe is freaking amazing!

Matt: Sounds like you're a cosmophile
by DiversityOfThoughts April 30, 2011
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