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Cosmic Internet/Cosmicnet:
This is a concept that was first used in a short story by the author Victor Darnell Hadnot. It is based on a theory that at the nano-subatomic level, the universe can be used as a mainframe, to house and retrieve information. All one has to do is understand the fundamental subspace structures and then the universe can be used to store information. The ability to communicate at the super-subspace level throughout the entire universe.
Cosmic Internet/Cosmicnet:
1. The practical theory that the universe contains all the knowledge and information of all the worlds within it.
2. The ability to communicate with other worlds through such a subspace field.
3. The fundamental theory of Millakilonano Fluid Theory, in which at the super-subspace level, the universe acts like water, presenting the three basic states of water, a solid, a liquid, and a gas. While not H2O, the subspace ether acts like water. Being able to produce waves, vibrations, and transforms, all acting in concert.
by Paul Chambers, Phd. January 18, 2011
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