The fancy name a store gives the clerk who works behind the cosmetics counter. Not to be confused with a Cosmetologist/Beautican. For to be a Cosmetologist/Beautican you have to take a 2 yr course in a career school or college and go to State Board and take a written and practical test to obtain your license.
Mindy: I can't find the eyeliner in ravin raspberry.
Chloe: Why don't you ask the Cosmetician if they have your shade.

That dumb Cosmetician thinks shes a Cosmetologist just because she works behind the cosmetics counter.
by sweetcherrybombs May 05, 2009
Top Definition
A trained make-up professional in the funeral industry, a beautician who works in mortuaries to ready a corpse for presentation and viewing.
Callie Parrish, protagonist of Fran Rizer's novels, is a cosmetician at Middleton's Mortuary in South Carolina.
by UnicornTapestry October 29, 2012
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