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a loving boy/man that every girl wants, only one can have him and thats me. A romantic person that knows the perfect thing to say at every moment.
He called me last night just to tell me how much he loves me, such a Cosimo
by Your Vampire May 24, 2009
a player who usually bounces from one girl to another.
"damn i was with Cosimo last weekend and now he's with another girl!"
by KFC, Lovebug and Marina Sauce September 14, 2008
A cosimo is a person who has fingers longer then 10 cm long, and is therefore amazing at bridge. If you see a cosimo walking down the street, you should run away, buy a house in Ipswich, change your name to Nathaniel and stay in that house for the rest of your life because cosimo is probably coming after you. In 2011 a Cosimo was at the top of the CIAs kill list for the touching of several million goats, and he will not hesitate to touch you either. And always remember: he's behind you!
Mark: I saw a Cosimo today.

Ben: you do not know me
(Ben proceeds to cut all connection between himself and Mark in case Cosimo comes after him)
by the harlertron 3000 January 16, 2015
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