A huge ass dump.
DAMN that was a big ass dump...I just dropped off the cosbys, winslows, and the jeffersons!
by Nick D February 07, 2003
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Top Definition
slang for a gigantic crap, comes from 3 brown-skinned TV families.
That wasn't just the Cosby kids I dropped off there, it was the Cosbys, Winslows, AND Jeffersons!
by Nick D April 03, 2003
both of yall wrong! there was NO tv sitcom with a family by the last name of 'cosby'. you may be referring to the huxtables, who had the star bill cosby.
"you look cute...in a theo huxtable kind of way"
"really? usually i get al roker."
by whatdaworld January 22, 2004

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