Pubic Hair that is matted down with chocolate Jell-O Pudding
I was going down on that woman and saw that she was wearing a Cosby Sweater on her hooch.
by gigglechick November 20, 2014
A loud obnoxiously colored article of clothing worn by a man who will preach to you about family values while he fathers children with women who aren't his wife.
I saw this guy wearing a cosby sweater back in 84, he was stealing the hubcaps off of a school bus.
by Bill Dev September 13, 2006
The multi-colored lint left in one's ass crack after wearing flannel boxer shorts.
It took me an hour to get that cosby sweater off my ass!
by Jeff Conway September 13, 2008
The Cosby sweater is in fact a brand name known as a "Coogi."
Ultra expensive and worn by only the most eccentric of poorly dressed, wealthy men.
Look for the reference to the Coogi in the song "Would You Die For Me" by the one and only Notorious B.I.G.

"Got the Coogi (Cosby sweater) with the bubble Fubu"

Scarborough reprazent.
by Gardner September 13, 2006
The sexual act of vomiting fruity pebbles onto your lover's genitalia and then pleasuring him/her. The result should look like one of Bill Cosby's wardrobe nightmares from his hit '80s TV show.
I gave my ex-boyfriend a cosby sweater because I'm a sexual deviant.
by anonymousmanofmanynicefaces September 24, 2006
The type of sweater that everybody idolizes you for wearing, often worn in the days of "the cosby show" by suave debonair Bill Cosby. Usually described with such words as Frizzle Frazzle.
"Have you seen Zach's new cosby sweater?! He is so fashionable!"
by Spudular February 21, 2006

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