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Corroldos background was a tough one. As a child he was suckling on Siobhans breasts and with a father fluent in English "Tunnn the guitarr dowwn" was a common phrase. As this soldier grew up, he noticed his back was somewhat deformed and fixing this cost him two dear years of his life. These days he is a popular lad with a keen eye for food fights and also the ladies!
"Let's get Corroldo out, We'll slag the christ out of him" Richard - every Saterday night
by Conor Nicholas March 21, 2005
Corroldo is a term frequented by tennage lads in derry, It refers to a 17 yr ladf who gets basketball nets for birthdays and goes to bed a 9PM sharp. He studies like a bambinno and is a gimp!
"You have the power to say no" - corroldo Summer of 2004
by Conor Nicholas March 21, 2005
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