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When the big comic book publishers continue the life of a character by bringing them back from the dead in order to continue making a profit off the marketing of new stories involving the character and associated character goods.

This is sometimes known as comic book continuity, but Corporate Necromancy is a more expressive word that deals with the bringing of characters back from the dead as a way of rebooting a comic book series to return things back to the status quo.

Manga, or Japanese comics, can also sometimes be accused of Corporate Necromancy when characters die and are brought back, such as with Dragonball and Dragonball Z.

A comics editor who is notorious for bringing commerically successful characters back from the dead in order to exploit their lives financially is called a Corporate Necromancer.
1: Bringing back Aunt May in the Spider-Man comics was sheer Corporate Necromancy!

2: Man, I hate them Corporate Necromancers who brought *insert comics character* back from the dead, leave them alone!
by TeenAuthor June 19, 2008
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