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When a man spends all night waiting for a girl who should have come to meet for a date hours ago, but she never turns up. Similar to being stood up, but with more existential loneliness than just missing out on action with the ladies.
1: He's spent all night Waiting for Godot-Girl. Poor guy needs some self respect to ditch that biatch.

2: Sandra: Poor John's been Waiting for Godot-Girl, I better call him back and apologise for not showing up.
by TeenAuthor June 19, 2008
To use an English-Japanese dictionary for the purposes of enjoying amateur translation of novels, magazines, manga, or other Japanese media that involves print text. Like casting magical runes, this process can have unpredictable and eyebrow raising results.
Paul was casting moonrunes again because he wanted to read the latest Claymore before anyone else.
by TeenAuthor July 10, 2008
1 (adjective): Denoting extreme feelings or connection of angst associating with something.
The Used's lyrics are Angstalicious!
by TeenAuthor September 12, 2007
Guy or Girl who would permanently camp out in the manga section of Borders, Kinokuniya or Barnes and Noble in order to read manga, but never actually buys anything, thus hampering the royalties manga artists can earn.

Not always scruffy, can be deceptively clean, but inside their heads is the mind of a cheapskate.

This word is a variation of Hobotaku which has appeared in various online and blog articles related to the state of the manga publishing industry.
Greg is such a manga hobo. Why doesn't he actually pay for anything. Does he even leave this section?
by TeenAuthor June 19, 2008
To play "Stairway to Heaven" on guitar so horribly that it feels like everybody's eardrums in the room are in Hell. Usually results in being booed off the stage.
That cover band's buying a Stairway to Hell!
by TeenAuthor June 19, 2008
1. A metaphorical food used to describe something that is outrageously angsty, Emo, Gothic, or gloomy in nature.

2: The feeling in your stomach when you feel miserable (i.e. you feel like you've eaten an "Angst Sandwich).
1: Dude, Interview with a Vampire was such an Angst Sandwich!

2: I feel terrible after my girlfriend told me she was dumping me, it's like I've eaten an Angst Sandwich!
by TeenAuthor September 12, 2007
An entry level or otherwise beginning/newbie student of the Japanese language. Not always a weaboo, this term can be used to describe anyone with a genuine interest in the Japanese language to people who just want to translate doujinshi for lolz.
Harold is such a kanji klutz, poor guy's struggling to complete the homework for Japanese class.
by TeenAuthor July 10, 2008

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