confusion, of a nature that reflects the stupidity of a back-woods hick
I be corn-fused with this here instruction manual
by daniel r May 28, 2003
Top Definition
A state of mind that occurs when a pushy boss generally referred to as a "cornhole" leans on subordinates with unreasonable expectations; nervous paranoia or fear of failure; loss of self-confidence.
That fucker has me cornfused... my stomach is churning, I feel like shitting my pants.
by the Big Bugga January 27, 2010
The state of bewilderment arising from not knowing the source of the corn in one's crap.
With a cornfused look on his face, Bryan tried to recall last night's dinner.
by TuckerFucker April 04, 2010
Unclear about what is happening around you. This lack of clarity is due to having a rural background in an urban setting. Hence, you are not just CONfused, you are actually CORNfused. The "corn" part of the word refers to one's rural upbringing that is responsible for the confusion.
I am really cornfused about how to take the subway.

Every time I try to use the "el" map in Chicago, cornfusion sets in.
by slipperyslope21 August 23, 2010
Drunken slur for the word confused. Usually occurs after a half a case of Beast...
"Dude... thish freaking game is corfusing"
by PyroKep April 17, 2004
What people in Nebraska are.
Nebraskans are some cornfused motherfuckers.
by skyslysky June 26, 2010
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