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Unclear about what is happening around you. This lack of clarity is due to having a rural background in an urban setting. Hence, you are not just CONfused, you are actually CORNfused. The "corn" part of the word refers to one's rural upbringing that is responsible for the confusion.
I am really cornfused about how to take the subway.

Every time I try to use the "el" map in Chicago, cornfusion sets in.
by slipperyslope21 August 23, 2010
A) A blend of the word "Chanel" and "hello." First heard in Sex and the City by Anthony Merentino (Mario Cantrone) upon entering Chanel.

B) used upon discovery of a fantastic piece of clothing/jewelry/etc.
Say chanello to my new pair of jimmy choos!
by slipperyslope21 August 16, 2010

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