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The act of shucking corn by inserting entire cob with husk into anal cavity & performing the Vagal Maneuver (bearing down as in a forced bowel movement), thus expelling freshly shucked corn. For best results use a virgin sphincter. After eating corn, husk will become more malleable and easily removed manually.
"Hey Dicky, go cornfuck 12 ears for supper, we havin company."
"but mom....we had corn last night & my asshole is bleeding & the doc said I gotta wait a week....cant Edwin do it?"
by Holysheepdipobamasucks August 10, 2009
A corny ass person with corny ass sayings.
"Just follow your heart baby."
-You fucken corn fucker"

"I'll love you till the day I die."
by Jiden
by Achin October 19, 2008
A badass mo' fo' who enjoys taking blunts to the dome daily.
One who has no affiliation with corn, yet has a sweet street name.
"Corn fuck" is also known as a "street name".
Ay yo corn fuck! Wuts poppin playa?
by SamanthaLM May 25, 2008
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