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a corner hoe is the lowest form of the side hoe, often ugly she's about as desperate as it gets. Multiple people have been reported getting lost in her cave couchie
how to spot a corner hoe
. niggas dive in her couchie and are never seen again
. her pussy regularly catches fire
.your voice echos in her pussy
. if you ever get lost in a corner hoe's pussy you may never come it, being in a corner hoe's pussy is like playing mine-craft or maze runner
shaquan; : phileshia looks kinda hot bro, what do you think

chris: she a corner hoe bro, daquan almost died inside her dry cave couchie
by mr.whyte March 15, 2015
A camper hiding in a corner in Modern Warfare 3
AdotJ: Aye yo that faggot ass corner hoe just killed me
by DJWill April 24, 2012

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