The act of holding ones penis while having intercourse with a female who happens to have a gaping vagina. Effectively inserting both the penis and hand into the female.
"My hand and dick are so tired from corn dogging last night"

"O man, i corn dogged the shit out that slut last night"
by Nolan Squared January 22, 2013
when a large group of people turn to a person and yell: corndog! (also acceptable over text or social networking)
lets go corndogging on some girls, they won't know what him them!
by corndog offical August 01, 2011
When one inserts a rod down the piss hole and jerks off. the rod is removed as you cum.
When one inserts a rod down the piss hole and jerks off. the rod is removed as you cum. when the rod sticks out it appears to be a dog on a stick. corn dogging
by vincevega January 20, 2010
(v.) A swift kick to the middle of the buttocks region issued with one knee. This manuever is usually accompanied with two hands placed on the hips. In essence, it is "kneeing" somebody in the ars.
"Don't eat my pop-tarts or I'm gonna corndog you"
by Ted Wilde August 18, 2004
When a guy sticks his weiner into a loaf of bread and then a chick eats the bread while holding the base of his weiner like a corn dog.
It's a good thing I hit up Costco last night and got the 2 pack of sourdough cause that bitch was corn dogging my shit all night!
by nacho mama March 20, 2014
Corndogging means to have anal sex (i.e. cornhole sex) with your partner doggie-style, hence Corndogging.
A: "I watched TV and at the same time had sex with my girlfriend."

B: "How did you did that?"

A: "Corndogging, man! Nice 'n tight."
by MMark November 08, 2009
The act of taking a poo, and putting it in a plastic bag. Then placing it in the freezer, until rock hard.

Once complete, then remove from the bag, and have sex with it.
I corn dogged my girlfriend yesterday...

I've never been corn dogging before...

you should try it.
by Spookz July 23, 2008

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