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To screw somebody out of what they are owed using PayPal.
Be careful selling using Pay Pal to transfer the funds, there is a possibility of getting corndogged buy the buyer.
by advrider April 28, 2012
When you fuck someone in the ass and when you pull out your dick has corn on it.
I fucked Lindsay Burck in the ass last night, and got corn dogged, we didn't even have corn for dinner!!!
by Original Bill March 06, 2011
While having sex on the beach you pull your cock out. Then proceed to rub it around in the sand until it's completely covered (looking like a corn dog) and then shove it back in. This is the correct definition of a corn dog.
I corn dogged Sally on the beach last night.
by shameful acts May 19, 2008
To fuck a dirty whore in the ass and get your dick as covered in shit as possible. Pull out and proceed to titty fuck her, forcing her head down and making her lick the shit off of your dick.
Mom: Oh hi sweety, did you have fun at grandpa's?
Daughter: Hi mom, yes we had so much fun, he showed me how to make corndogs.
by B-dizzog April 28, 2005
She got boned when I corn dog (dogged) her in the ass.
Ladies, getting bent over near a Corn-Dog 7 restauraunt, with a fresh corn dog in the ass.
by ESanders. November 11, 2003
A wrestling move when wrestler #1 takes down his opponent to their stomach and maintains control of said wrestler by laying on top of him in corndog fashion.
Oh NO!! Little Johnny just got corndogged!!
by Jmg4194 March 07, 2008
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