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Corncat (n) korn-kat - The higher being of the religious cult formed amongst the internet board Inforoo. It is rare for Corncat to be seen in person, as it is usually busy eating corn and keeping the follower's faith in tact. The Killer Bee Relay Team is one of the few witnesses blessed enough to have footage of the all mighty Corncat.

When in the wild, Corncat is said to make a noise sounding like "NOM NOM Nom nom nom nom." If you hear this noise and do not have corn in your possession, it is advisable that you run as fast as possible away from where you are, because Corncat is near, and he is probably hungry.
Ignorant One: "What's Corncat??"
Enlightned One: "NOM NOM NOM!!"
by Strumntheguitar June 12, 2007
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