Possibly the dullest place in suffolk, home to scores of old people and a nature reserve yet also often mocked for being a place of crime.
'Watch out, your purse will get nicked'
'Oh come on, this isnt Cornard.'
by Hattie J April 12, 2009
Top Definition
Great Cornard/Little Cornard also known as The Nard or Nard and home to The Nard Crew a small time English gang. Cornard is filled with crime which is why there are so many small time gangs there. Sudbury (Closest town to Cornard) gave Cornard a motto which everyone in Cornard despises 'How ard, Cornard' If you use this around Cornard then people especially criminals and gangs will think you're from Sudbury... niot good to go into Cornard when you're from there as the 2 places have had fights for many years alhough Cornard is the better place and most of what is said about Cornard ocurrs in Sudbury. People from Cornard especially small time gangs love slang and saying 'Nard' and they're proud to be from there. C1 is currently the smallest gang in Cornard and isn't very well known
Nard Gang Member: Sup fam Nards ere now boi you better fuck off

Nard Gang Member: Fam I'll see you later round the Nard aight (Cornard slang)
by Ghetto Cornard November 06, 2014
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