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The act of performing fellatio on a dump as it is leaving the rectum. Best performed on a man when he is laying on his back and passing the turd with his legs pulled over his head.
You know, I think Sarah really digs me. For instance, after we went out for Mexican the other night, she totally gave me a corn job. Made her come, no less.
by Herr Stehpinkler March 10, 2005
The act of sexin' up a a cornhole. This could be by ramming your hot sweaty meat into the cornhole. It could also include shoving your throbbing tongue into a cornhole (see rimjob).
Prisoner #1: The guards aren't paying any attention around the yard today.
Prisoner #2: Let's sneak around the corner and I'll give you a Corn Job.

Hooker: For $20 I'll give you a sloppy blow job.
Patron: $20 is too much for a blow job, but I'd be willing to pay that price for a Corn Job.
by Pelihu October 17, 2008
The act of sticking ones erect penis inside of a large pop corn bucket while watching a movie at the cinema with ones sexual interest. As the popcorn is consumed the erect penis becomes exposed, resulting in a hand job utilizing the butter from the popcorn as lube.
Yeah, she even gave me a corn job half way through!
by xxxdirtyquickscopes June 10, 2011
Employment in a corn-related vocation.
After his brief stint as a fluffer, Stu took up a corn job.
by CarltonEsq July 21, 2011
When someone either at a restaurant or on the street boils some corn on the cob for you.
"How much is a "Corn Job"?"

" $1.62 with tax"
by Kesseler October 31, 2010