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What you get after anal sex.
"Had some anal with Becky, but I had a crazy case of Corn on the cock afterwords!"
by Clayton Bigsby February 23, 2006
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while in the act of anal intercourse, the penis is pulled out, and a piece of corn is on the said penis. as you know, corn does not digest, making this possible. usually best to flick it off, and go right back into the act.
while mel gibson performed buttsex on jodi foster, he came out with some corn on the cock, but he would not let her love for corn get in the way of his buttsex.
by author guy mann-dude October 24, 2009
during anal sex, the guy pulls out and sees a piece of corn on the head. This is possible because as we all know, corn doesn't digest or some shit like that.
guy/fella-Yeah dude. that's the last time im goin anal. four words: corn on the cock.

other guy/fella-shit dude, did u just lose it right there?

guy/fella-nah i just flicked it off and kept going.
by guy mann-dude April 13, 2010
The act of a woman eating the pieces of undigested corn off of a man's penis after he has analy penetrated her.
Frederick was enjoying having anal sex with is girlfriend Olga until he realized the corn from her fecal matter inside her rectum had gotten all of over his penis, so he proceeded to pull out his penis from her rectum and allowed her to enjoy eating off the corn from his penis. Olga then Looked up at Frederick and sayed "Thats some good Corn on the Cock!"
by Cajackel July 08, 2010
When a female with braces is giving a male a blowjob and the brace wires leave an imprint on the penis, resembling eating corn on the cob.
Dude, your mom gave me a corn on the cock last night, it hurt!
by APManbussum April 14, 2009
when a man cum's into a bowl and then dips his penis into it and makes sure its stuck all over his penis then he sticks his penis into a can of corn and when it sticks the girl will eat it off of his penis like corn on the cob without biting it
corn on the cock it's whats for dinner
by cheneelorybrevid June 30, 2006
eating the pubic hair of the cock
hey girl want some corn on the cock
by dinkelberry September 09, 2007

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