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Corgat, These are a group of legends that were firstly originated in the woods of the seychelles, and since then they have all been great, powerful, super sexy, and amazing to be around, they ahve the best sense of humour, and are 100% the best bet to even know, if you know a corgat you are a lucky person, and you are amung the few if you get to spend time with them alot. Corgats are legends. They come from ancestors of gods of war, and gods of legends these gods are also included with Morgan freeman, Denzel washington and many other legends in the community including the dead like 2Pac shakur and Biggie Smalls, Legends like these dont come around too often so take them while you can. But Corgats are a rare breed of legends there are not many left so if you can find one, and keep them close.
Person: OMFG Is that a corgat?!
other guy: YES OMG OMG QUICK!

Corgat: wagwan fam.
by NOT A CORGAT. October 25, 2013
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