fag, douchebag kid, he will never get laid in his life, usually has a small dick because all of his growth goes straight to his ears. to uncoordinated to beat off so the only action he will ever get is from his daddy.BIG PUSSY!!
I feel like a corey i'm never going to get laid.

Only corey wears pink.
by ballinboy October 20, 2008
10 Words related to Corey
awesomest name in the world
Person 1: Man corey is wicked awesome
Person 2: oh hell yea dont forget it
by DougieMikrd December 06, 2006
Slang Cockney word for penis
He's got one hell'uva corey
by Kurt April 15, 2005
A man-whore, one who can't make up his mind about a certain girl, doesn't like little kids, funny as hell, very good looking guy, thinks he's black, is as skinny as a twig but he's stronger then he looks, is a Halo nerd.
Girl: Ugh, he's such a Corey.
Girl#2: Yeah, but he's really cute.
by A dear, dear, dear, friend. January 02, 2011
a very hot and sexy person.
that corey is sexy.
by gordon malthaner August 21, 2008
a nerdy kid who thinks he can pick up 7 chicks in a mini van
Dude you are such a Corey right now.
by minivanman June 02, 2011
CORE-ee One who is born with an inate ability to be anyones best friend and in some rare cases, an even worse enemy. Corey's are usually very sexy, have a model swager, and enjoy the finer things in life. A hidden talent all Corey's share is the ability to soak in knowledge, and use it for the greater good, like ability to do great hair and make up!
i just met the most amazing man, hes so amazing in fact he is just like a Corey... That will be my nickname for him! COREY!
by TaliaLouiseCarmellaK December 28, 2008
Comes From A Scotish Term Meaning Amazement, It Originates From Here Because In The Old Scotish Towns The person they had no idea how they managed to survive or make any money or do something cool would be the Corey of the town
by Corey February 01, 2003

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