Noun - Any forest, park, or woodlot where gay guys are known to meet up and make out in the bushes. Probably comes from the fact that Corey is an androgynous name (it can easily be a girl's name or a boy's name) or maybe from some peoples' outdated and mistaken impression that gay men are effeminate.
Guy #1 - "Let's just take a short cut through here!"

Guy #2 - "Hey, I'm STRAIGHT! - No way I'm going anywhere NEAR Corey Woods!!"
by MorphMaster79 January 13, 2013
Top Definition
A magical, mythical place - a wonderful Enchanted Forest for gay males, young & old. It's a place where the sheer joy of men hugging & kissing & boning each other takes precedence above all else. A true gay paradise, existing only in the minds of those select individuals who know about such things.
"I dreamed I went to Corey Woods last night. It's like a non-stop Pride Parade there, honey!"
by CubsFan4ever February 05, 2013
Originally a local slang name for one smalltown Canadian city park (the name of the exact original city is unlclear now) where younger gay men often congregated for anonymous sex. The term is now used by hipsters across Canada, mainly to describe similar wooded parks in major urban centers.
Kyle met his first serious boyfriend down at Corey Woods.
by PythonGuru December 12, 2010
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