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CORE from "hardcore". Style as in fashion or mannerism. In the mannerism, fashion, or likeness of the hardcore. That which is hardcore.
Man you got jacked CORESTLYE by Qwest! (i.e. the jacking by Qwest was hardcore).
by shaNker January 15, 2003
used primarily to describe ones inherent ability to mop the floor with someone else in a fast paced game (esp. in a First Person Shooter FPS)
FPS Player 1 "Your head just came off and splattered against the wall! This new version of UT is corestyle!"

FPS Player 1 "Yea, you like my HE Grenades, BITCHES!"
FPS Player 2 "grenade spamming whore!"
FPS Player 3 "grenade spamming whore!"
FPS Player 1 "Corestyle"

FPS Player 2 "Awww look who forgot to reload their gun"
FPS Player 3 "HAHA, you got raped corestyle"
FPS Player 1 "$!@#$&!@#*(%!"
by -+StraFE+- January 18, 2003
Corestyle means "Happenin" "Down with It" "Cruisin"....take your pick
Person A: "I just took out the sniper on the roof." Person B: "Corestyle!!"
by lowg1974 January 08, 2003
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