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Directed towards friends that, over time, have become less involved in group activities, going out and holidays.

It is generally aimed at people that used to be a focal point of a group of friends but are now rarely seen or heard of.
Friend "We're going to Ibiza on a stag"

Core Bore "I'll come for one night"

Friend "Why don't you just stay at home, you are an absolute core bore!"

Friend "Oi, Core Bore, what's happened to you? You are such a Core Bore"
#you've changed #boring #ultimate core bore #has been #goochy
by core 2 July 23, 2010
someone that plays ps3 all day and wants an itouch just so he can look up women on the internet
You are a core bore when you get to level 45 on cod waw 10 hours after you get
it. You are also a core bore if you ditch 0 period to look up mature websites on
the internet and pretend your sick=
#kuaaa #lazy #ped #perv #cory #woww
by Nathan Nguyen January 28, 2009
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