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The only high school ever to have collected enough awesomeness to have a gravitational pull. Home of the Lancers, the Big Red Music Machine, Mr. Fabulous- who is, by the way, fabulous- and the best high school in the Central Valley of California. Their band is the rival of McQueen. Our friends love us, our enemies hate us (namely McQueen), and everyone else just fears us. Go Big Red!
McQueen Freshman: We're gonna rock at Fairfield!

McQueen Senior: Shut up! we'll probably get pwnd by Cordova... Again.

Cordova Band: Providing all of your snooty McQueen High School pwnage since 2006.

McQueen Band: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! It's Cordova, let's go hide with our sorry ass selves.

Cordova High School Band Member: Dude, did they just wet their uniforms in step?

Other Cordova Band Member: No, they were all off-beat, as usual.
by Fractured Angel September 02, 2009
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