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Home of Corcoran State Prison holding some of the baddest inmates such as Sirhan Sirhan and Charles Manson (Helter Skelter)
PERSON: I didn't know Robert F. Kennedy's assassin was Sirhan Sirhan

OTHER PERSON: WHAT??? you didnt know that!


OTHER PERSON: oh well yeah he's currently in Corcoran California State Prison
by BAYBEEBOOGUTTAGIRL September 02, 2009
A small asz town in the middle of no where! Home of some of the dirtiest sluts wanna be gang bangers and talented athletes. Corcoran one of the ghettoest towns in California.. mostly everyones mexican and by the age of 13 most girls are having babys! Most guys there are wanna be players and have no sense in how to treat a lady! but then again there are very few ladies there. Takes you forever to figure out where it is because of the many daries and corn feilds. Because there isnt anything to do there most are involved in athletics and if they dont fxck up they go far.
GUY: Damn that girl is fcking young and shes pregnant!

GIRL: Well duhh she's from Corcoran California

GUY: Where the hell is that at

GIRL: The middle of no where!
by GUTTABAYBEE September 02, 2009
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