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Abbreviation for: Cool OR Bazar.

Describes a situation that could be interpreted as either Cool OR Bizarre.
Dude, I went to Mari Gras with my parents and my mom got so drunk she flashed her tits for beads. Is that CORB?
by JennyCraig November 03, 2013
1 0
An elite squad of policemen who use recumbent bicycles as their primary source or transportation. C.O.R.B.S. is an acronym for Cops On Recumbent Bikes.
"I was chiefing on the back porch when CORBS pulled up and started giving me grief." or "Typical Columbian terrorists have taken over the sugar factory, somebody call CORBS!"
by Bush Printzel August 27, 2008
48 14
the act of masturbation to fondle one self to corb
The act of touching your penis in fondeling ways to corb
by Cody Patrick January 22, 2008
12 15
to masturbate, whack-off
look at that kid corbing his narb

I always corb at night
by insane Pain January 16, 2008
6 11
Describing a person who snorts lines of cocaine.
Arose after the extras tv episode where Ronnie Corbett is found snorting cocaine in the toilet
"To pull a corbs" or "to do a corbs"
by Blackster2k October 18, 2006
9 19