cōō•ruh hær•tūr 1. (adj) Outwardly showing excessive aggression towards undercooked bagel skins from Panera or any well respected bakery in Finland. 2. (n) A greasy bluish substance that accumulates on the shoes of older men often used for medicinal purposes causing extremely provocative arousal in women over the age of 70. 3. (n) A contagious disease found in 98% of Asian males causing their eyelids to sag.
1. Man, you went all Cora Harter on that bagel, bruh.

2. Oh Robert, please give me your Cora Harter tonight, you know how it turns me on.

3. All them Asians are catching the Cora Harter these days.
by 637382414 December 08, 2013

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