The correct expression that is used to describe someone who copies the actions of another. "Copy Cat" is not the correct expression as monkeys copy actions and cats don't.
"Don't be a copy monkey saying the same thing I'm saying"
"I just said that you copy monkey"
#copy #monkeys #cats #cat #monkey
by A-Sub15 September 21, 2011
Top Definition
Derogatory (and ironically used) term used in advertising to describe copy writers. A derivative of the term 'mac monkey' used to describe artworkers or graphic designers working on the designers choice of equipment the Apple Mac.

Also copy monkey can sometimes be known as someone who works in a copy shop although this is unconfirmed.

To some copywriters this is extrememly insulting when used not in conjunction with 'creative'.
"Now that's the creative sorted, let's give it to the copy monkey"
#copy monkey #copymonkey #copywriter #copyrighter #copy righter #writer #creative #conceptualiser #artworker #mac monkey
by Martin Dorey February 26, 2008
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