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Coperta is a well known italian word that refers to things whose nature is unclear. Sometimes the word "coperta" is used to say that something is related to something else or something more interesting (like a coperta for example).
Since a coperta is an alias for a coperta, the transitive closure of a coperta is an algebraic problem. It appears to be a sort of thing with things connected to it. Sometimes people forget about its true form and start saying funny things related to the origin of a coperta. In Italy, coperta refers both to coperta and other silly things (like for example: coperta, lenzuolo, pigiama, coperta, tenda).
Depending on what's in your mind, you can either be a coperta or a thing.
A persona can be a coperta.
Due to the transitive closure, a person is a tenda.
The "Tenda-coperta paradox" is well known by physicists that study the behaviour of things in conjunction with black holes. Because, everybody knows that there is a correlation between things and copertas.
According to Stephen Hawking, a coperta is produced from a more dense coperta thrown through a coperta at the speed of light (only if a big coperta is placed near to it).
Of course the magnitude of the impact of a big coperta against a dense coperta may cause black copertas (a.k.a. holes).
A black hole is a coperta.
Black sheeps are sons of black ho..copertas.
If you are still reading this, you are a COPERTA!!!
Don't you mind if I coperta while I put that ... coperta .. in that thing with those things that seem like that famous thing that I saw last night on TV?
Answer: What are you talking about?
Answer to the answer: I don't know.. But if you tell me coperta I can show you some copertas in exchange. By the way, do you take a hot coperta with me?
Ouch! that coperta is too hot for my mouth!
Listener: Do you mean "cup of tea"? *shock*
Well, yeah, coperta indeed.
Listener: -.-; <-- OMG!
Like before, I was kicking that coperta all around the place. Then I found a coperta that I lost some time ago. It's awesome I'm lucky!! Not always people find copertas when kicking copertas in the middle of nowhere. Oh look! copertas are falling from the sky!!
Listener: What a nice winter :)
by coperta January 15, 2010
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