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Australian slang term meaning Police Station, endemic to the region of Western Sydney as well as parts of regional New South Wales.
Shazza: Bazza, get off ya fucking ass and take me to tha cop shop, Rachel called me a cunt on facey again
Bazza: Shut ya fucken mouth and get me anotha fucken beer before I knock ya bloody lights out
Shazza: Fuck yaw
Bazza: Get two, Gazza will be here any fucken minute with the jew gold from tha ceno
by Paimon January 29, 2012
You got the origin wrong. The phrase has been a part of british culture since the 19th century. There are recorded uses of it since at least the 1880's
i sell policemen at the cop shop
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 14, 2004
Police Station

Cali: Street Slang 1990's
like it says.

bail me out at the Cop Shop man!!!
by LEC2 May 09, 2003
The police station.
I got arrested and taken down to the copshop.
by Diego September 22, 2003