Police Station

Cali: Street Slang 1990's
like it says.

bail me out at the Cop Shop man!!!
by LEC2 May 09, 2003
Top Definition
You got the origin wrong. The phrase has been a part of british culture since the 19th century. There are recorded uses of it since at least the 1880's
i sell policemen at the cop shop
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 14, 2004
The police station.
I got arrested and taken down to the copshop.
by Diego September 22, 2003
Australian slang term meaning Police Station, endemic to the region of Western Sydney as well as parts of regional New South Wales.
Shazza: Bazza, get off ya fucking ass and take me to tha cop shop, Rachel called me a cunt on facey again
Bazza: Shut ya fucken mouth and get me anotha fucken beer before I knock ya bloody lights out
Shazza: Fuck yaw
Bazza: Get two, Gazza will be here any fucken minute with the jew gold from tha ceno
by Paimon January 29, 2012
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