Another word for vagina or pussy.
I think I'll go out tonight and get me some cooze.
by asianlover January 16, 2003
noun -- vaginal secretions released during sex or masturbation; i.e. girlycum
Cooze began dribbling out of her pussy as her body shuddered with a massive orgasm.
by Nevada August 11, 2003
a dirty slut who probably has some diseases
"you see that cooze? she gave me the clap."
by metal face December 06, 2003
a thing that you put around your beer so that it won't sweat or condensate
-dude look at my new cooze.
-yeah dude it's cool for your coors light
by sup yo.. February 17, 2008
A cutesy term for vagina, pussy or cunt. Best used around small children.
Don't forget to clean your cooze.
by Bill February 24, 2004
the finest..uh...well if you have sex...uh..their parts fit perfectly with yours, alright? think about putting a beer into a coozie. there.
man, that was the best cooze of my life.
by neu January 26, 2004
-an extremely attractive and intellegent female.
-crappy 80's slang
-puss puss
heather cooze! turn off that weinermobile before my blood/brain barrier eexxxplodddessss!
by cooze#1 August 22, 2004

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