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3 definitions by ramazz

Slang for VAGINA
She ceaselessly stabbed at that fetid stinkpit of a cooze with the dildo she had just removed from the black hole of decay in the cult classic titled Hit Her in the Shitter... sequel to Stuck Her in the Pucker
by ramazz January 24, 2003
see also jism
by ramazz January 21, 2003
The magical nectar that, when sucked out of a penis, is capable of transforming the most militant lesbian bull dike into an obedient and grateful member of heterosexual society.
Chris knew that if she simply siphoned the cum out of her instructor's wanker, that her homosexual tendencies would disappear and she would again be a silly little girl baking cookies and waiting to be impregnated by a man.
by ramazz January 29, 2004