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when a woman sends a picture of her cooter to another woman on her cellphone, email, etc. warning her to back off her man, because she found the other womans cooter on his cellphone to begin with.
Kim was cootered by Tonya, when Tonya found Kim's cooter on her man Gregs cellphone.
by Kat/Roxy August 08, 2008
when a female finds a picture on her mans cellphone of another females cooter, so she sends a picture by cellphone of her cooter to the other female who is messing with her man.
Tonya found a picture of Kim's cooter on her mans cellphone. So Tonya sent a picture of her cooter to Kim, telling her to back off her man Greg. So Kim was cootered by Tonya.
by Kat/Roxy August 15, 2008