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Having contact with an African American
What a bad day at work, too much coontact
#contact with blacks #speaking with blacks #black conversation #ebonics #niggerbabble
by Louis Farakoon August 30, 2006
Having contact with African Americans
What a bad day at work, too much coontact
#contact #africans #coons #speaking with #niggers
by Louis Farakoon August 31, 2006
This phrase is completely unfounded and I feel sorry for any individual that feels the need to degrade people based on their race. If anything, you racist bastards should be bound and tied. I can't believe that as far as this country has come, we still have individuals as ignorant as the one that posted this definition. So please, return home to your trailer park and engage in more krakatact. You worthless piece of dog shit.
Example: This definition of coontact sux.
#krakatact #whiteytact #too much white #ignorant assholes #bitch ass honkys
by Rich Nigga September 01, 2006
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