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diagonal stripes on hair that look like raccoon tails, usually identified with Scene Kids and Kiki Kannibal.
Laren: like my new hair?
Tabi: oh yeah those coon stripes are so fucking hxc!
#racoon stripes #scene #racoon tails #hair styles #scene queens #cheeta fur
by Paresse July 18, 2008
Scene kids Get coonstripes in there hair in all range of colors. The typical colors are pink, teal, platnum blonde or black.
Coonstripes or coons, are when you get a clump of your hair and stick cellotape around sections, leaving gaps inbetween the cellotape pieces.
you then get the brightly colored hairdye, and put it in the gaps, not on the tape.
leave for about 20 minutes and then rinse hair from the bottom, removing the tape as you make your way up.
Leaving a racoon tail style effect on your hair.
I'm scene so i'm going to get myself cooned.
#scene #coonstripes #coons #scene kids #scene girls
by Bethanyy January 03, 2008
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